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Starting with Obeya

Discover what you need to begin with Obeya and choose your own level of support. From Do it Yourself to full guidance.

Why a good start is essential

Starting with Obeya is an adventure full of possibilities for you and your team. It is the key to a transparent and effective way of leading. A good start is crucial as it sets the tone for the future dynamics and success of your team. Be aware of pitfalls such as lack of engagement or missing a clear vision. The foundation you build now determines the success of your collaboration.

Know what problem you want to solve
Ensure it is clear who belongs to the team
Involve the team in the preparations

Download the checklist

Step by step

Avoid common mistakes and ensure a smooth start with our specially developed ‘Starting with Obeya checklist.’ From preparing the space (physical or digital) to involving your team. By downloading this checklist, you have a practical tool to start independently and implement Obeya without forgetting important aspects. Download it now and take the first step towards a transparent and connected way of working.


The options

Start your Obeya journey

When starting with Obeya, you can choose from various options, depending on your preference for working independently or needing support. Check out the options below and choose the approach that best suits you and your team.

The self-starters

For whom: Teams familiar with Agile or Lean, who already have a coach and lack oversight or want to experiment on their own.

Next steps:

Do it yourself with help

For whom: Teams not yet familiar with Lean, Agile, or Obeya, who want to start or take a step and encounter obstacles.

Next steps:

Fully ready to start

For whom: Teams that want to start quickly and have a ready-to-use Obeya within 3 days under our training and guidance.

Next steps:

Starting with your Organization

Do you want to work as an organization on a culture of transparency, improved strategic alignment, and effective execution?

Then it is possible to consider an Obeya transformation as an organization, where multiple teams or departments start working with Obeya. This requires a structured, programmatic approach with good preparations and appropriate internal communication.

Obeya Coaching & Training has successfully guided several organizations through an organizational transformation where working with Obeya was the starting point. Contact us for the possibilities.


With multiple teams

For whom: For larger organizations with multiple departments that experience a lot of waste because departments are not (fully) aligned in working together on the same strategy.

Next steps:

  • Start small: begin with the Obeya Team Kickstart with an enthusiastic team.
  • Gradually expand the success to other teams using the principle of cascading and connecting.
  • Every organization requires a different approach. Hire a coach to guide you through the Obeya transformation.

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