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Get more out of Obeya; our certified coaches have (international) experience and are happy to support you.

Lead your Obeya meetings

The facilitator assists in leading Obeya meetings, allowing the team to focus on the content while training in effective meeting routines contributes to shorter and more efficient sessions.

Help with setting up your Obeya

The Specialist assists you with any challenges, ensures a smooth start for your Obeya, and helps avoid pitfalls by logically organizing all Obeya components.

Enhances communication and collaboration

The team coach helps the team grow in communication and collaboration by reflecting on teamwork, which leads to more mature interactions, and by uncovering frustrations and underlying patterns that further promote growth.


Why choose our obeya coaches?

  • Experience and Expertise: Our facilitators and coaches have in-depth knowledge of the LWO methodology and have experience in various organizational cultures and their associated challenges.
  • Flexible Deployment and Custom Solutions: Whether you need temporary support or a long-term partnership, we offer tailored solutions.
  • Knowledge Network: Our professionals are part of a network where knowledge and expertise about various Obeya practices are continuously exchanged and improved.

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