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Gain insight into Obeya and leadership with our various training levels. Learn the basics, facilitate sessions, and help teams get started.

Specialized in Obeya since 2014
Training sessions rated an average of 9.2
All our training programs are officially certified

Overview of Training Programs

Start your Obeya journey

Do you want to improve your Obeya skills and coach other leaders in it? Learn during our training sessions alongside participants from other organizations how to practically implement Obeya. All aspects of leadership in the Obeya are covered. With various training levels and a team of certified trainers, Obeya Coaching & Training provides you with the right knowledge and skills to enhance the effectiveness of leadership teams.

Prefer to try Obeya first?

Start with your entire Team

Obeya Team Kickstart

Strategic plans that end up unused and the feeling that meetings are unproductive are common sources of frustration. With the Obeya Team Kickstart, we break this cycle and emphasize clear goals and concrete actions. Over three days, the entire team will work on creating a ready-to-use Obeya, either digital or physical. We also set up a new, universally supported meeting structure with clear roles, expectations, and goals.

Start with your entire Organization

Obeya Transformation

Do you want to work as an organization towards a culture of transparency, improved strategic alignment, and effective execution?

Then consider an Obeya transformation as an organization, where multiple teams or departments start working with Obeya. This requires a structured, programmatic approach with good preparations and appropriate internal communication.

Obeya Coaching & Training has successfully guided several organizations through an organizational transformation where working with Obeya was the starting point. Contact us for more information.





We believe in a better world through better leadership

-Tim Wiegel

Lisette Graafsma

“Highly recommended for anyone serious about getting started with Obeya”

Agile Coach, NS

Désirée Tieben-Busse

“I am really looking forward to getting started with this”

Agile Coach, Dutch Police

Marije Witvliet

“Really focused on learning together and also a lot of fun!”

Capability Manager, Aegon

Ingrid Leiijen

“Learned a lot in the training, both about Obeya and leadership.”

Care Manager, De Marius Meijboom

Mirel Bosman

“I was very enthusiastic about the training and hope we can put it into practice soon.”

Project Manager, Dutch Police

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