About us

Obeya Coaching & Training

We have a 100% focus on Obeya. As thé Obeya expertise center in the Netherlands, we offer unparalleled knowledge and support for all your Obeya initiatives.

Our Mission

A Better World through Better Leadership

The world faces historical challenges. We believe that better leadership can make the world a better place. Organizations need to be able to make good decisions and act as a whole. Leading With Obeya is a way of working that improves collaboration and decision-making. As pioneers of this method, we help organizations become more effective.

How we get there

We make the system visible and bring leadership teams back to their core, allowing them to focus on their function. This enables teams and organizations to deliver more value. As guides, we support teams on their Obeya journey, helping them achieve more together while wasting less time and reducing frustration.

About Obeya Coaching & Training

Since 2016, Obeya Coaching & Training has specialized in providing training in the ‘Leading with Obeya’ method. As a preferred partner in training this method, we have built a reputation for experience, quality, and adventure.


Leading With Obeya

In his book, Tim Wiegel describes the Leading with Obeya method. He explains how the Obeya can be used as a tool for leading a team or organization. Leading with Obeya is the method, and the Obeya is the instrument used in this method. The method offers a practical, concrete way of working for leadership teams that want to collaborate more effectively. And the good news is: the Leading with Obeya (LWO) method works for every team and every organization.

Drive away, slide in, store.

Obeya Boards

Obeyaboards (our sister company) products are the tangible embodiment of the Leading with Obeya method, as described by Tim Wiegel. These innovative boards help organizations foster effective leadership through strategic alignment and visible results. Originally inspired by Toyota’s Obeya concept, our products provide a practical way to realize the benefits of this methodology.

Our Values


As experienced trainers and coaches, we have undertaken many Obeya journeys. We continue to experiment and learn. We have explored nearly all paths and are happy to share all tips and pitfalls.


We see the challenges our clients face. That’s why we continuously develop workshops, training sessions, and coaching programs that address our clients’ needs.


We avoid complex management jargon and are understandable for every team, from the boardroom to operations. We create an environment where everyone feels heard and seen, regardless of background or position.

What Makes Our Training Unique?

  • They are practical and interactive; you apply what you learn immediately
  • No dry material and boring slide decks
  • You learn a method, enabling you to continue developing
  • We constantly develop new tools and templates
  • These are available within the LWO Network
  • We train knowledge and skills (training)
  • And work on behavioral change (coaching)
  • We organize the Obeya Dojo (monthly coaching session)

Our Team

Obeya Coaching & Training provides training domestically and internationally. We have an international network of experienced and certified coaches and trainers who collaborate. They have all been trained by us.


The Obeya

Training Studio

Working with Obeya is an experience. Come take a look at our Obeya training studio, where we work with both virtual and physical Obeyas. This way, you can gain practical experience with both physical and virtual or online Obeya. In-company training can also take place in our training studio.

We also offer impactful online training using our virtual Obeya. From our own training studio with professional visuals, lighting, and sound, we can provide online training in all time zones.

Our contribution to a better world

Trees for All

We plant 4 trees per participant through Trees for All.

Unicef Business Buddy

As a Unicef Business Buddy, we invest in future leaders.

Stichting Present

We are a silver partner of Stichting Present.


We only offer vegetarian lunches.


Our coffee, snacks, and refreshments are organic and fairtrade.


We use only recycled FSC and Paperwise paper for printing.


We support sustainable and social impact organizations with lower rates and free coaching.

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