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Since 2016, we have been 100% specialized in Obeya, training and guiding teams and individuals worldwide using the internationally recognized LWO method.

Discover Obeya and the LWO method

Obeya, or ‘big room’ in Japanese, is a visual management instrument that translates complexity into clarity for the team.

Tim Wiegel has translated the visual management principles of Obeya applied into a practical and concrete method for managing teams and organizations: Leading with Obeya (LWO).

Research shows that working with the LWO method leads to better visibility of long-term progress and results, more effective meetings, and better decision-making.

Specialized in Obeya since 2016
Trainings rated on average 9.2
Coaching & training for leadership teams

Common Challenges

Why start with Obeya

Working with Obeya is always a means, never the goal. A means by which problems become visible and you as a team have the opportunity to tackle them. Therefore, it is always important to first ask the question: which challenges within our team do we want to solve? What do we want to improve in our collaboration? In practice, we see that many teams encounter all kinds of challenges. Working with Leading With Obeya offers a perspective to overcome these challenges.

Which ones do you recognize?

  • We don’t have a clear strategic direction and are busy putting out fires.
  • Everything is a priority for us. We lack focus and are bad at making decisions.
  • Our organization is complex: we have no overview and don’t know who is working on what.
  • We spend a lot of time in unproductive meetings and various forms of (mis)communication.
  • Due to unclear work agreements and a lack of transparency, taking and giving ownership is not part of our culture.

Where to begin

Starting with Obeya

Starting with Obeya is an adventure full of possibilities for you and your team. It is the key to a transparent and effective way of leading your team and communicating within the team. A good start is crucial because it sets the tone for the future dynamics and success of your team. Not sure how or where to start? Do you prefer to do a lot yourself or would you rather be guided?

Explore the options or get started with our handy starter checklist.

Obeya Training

Learn to apply the method

Do you want to improve your Obeya skills and coach other leaders in it? During our training sessions, learn alongside participants from other organizations how to practically implement Obeya. All aspects of leadership in the Obeya are covered.

With three training levels and guided by a team of experienced and certified trainers, Obeya Coaching & Training provides you with the right knowledge and skills to enhance the effectiveness of leadership teams.


Check out our 3 training levels

Obeya Team Kickstart

Get started with Obeya right away

Don’t feel like figuring it all out yourself? From 0 to 100 in 3 days. Based on your strategy and daily practice, we set up a ready-to-use Obeya with your management team over three days (spread over several weeks). This can be a digital or a physical Obeya. During this customized program, you learn about the underlying Obeya principles and apply the Leading With Obeya method directly.

After the Team Kickstart, your team will be ready to work in and with your Obeya. In the period afterward, we help you further master the method and avoid pitfalls.


Looking for a coach?

Do you feel that you are not getting the most out of your Obeya? Many pitfalls can be avoided by learning from others. Effective guidance can often help you progress faster than trying to reinvent the wheel yourself. Our experienced Obeya coaches are ready to support your team on your Obeya journey. We offer several different roles.

Find a Facilitator

Help with guiding sessions

Client Cases

These organizations are already working with Leading with Obeya. With the help of visual management, they make their strategies tangible and motivate their teams. Read how they achieve their goals and get inspired by their stories.

Get to know us

Obeya Coaching & Training

We are Obeya Coaching & Training, a team of Obeya enthusiasts, 100% specialized in Obeya and the expertise center of the Netherlands thanks to years of experience. We are experts in training and guiding teams on their Obeya journey.

Take a look in our Obeya studio where we work with both virtual and physical Obeyas. Meet our team and learn everything about the method and our training and coaching options, online and on location.

Drive away, slide in, store.

Obeya Boards

Obeyaboards (our sister company) products are the tangible embodiment of the Leading with Obeya method, as described by Tim Wiegel. These innovative boards help organizations foster effective leadership through strategic alignment and visible results. Originally inspired by Toyota’s Obeya concept, our products provide a practical way to realize the benefits of this methodology.

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Marije Witvliet

“Really focused on learning together and also a lot of fun!”


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Lisette Graafsma

“Highly recommended for anyone serious about getting started with Obeya”


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